What is the Riviera Organisation group?
We’re a company based in France that groups together professionals of the events industry. Think of us as a link between your company, and all that’s available in this region, with added on-site co-ordination and support.

Do you only deal with events on the French Riviera?
80% of our work is on the Côte d’Azur as that’s where we’re based, although, some of our top musical acts are booked all over the world.

Is it awkward dealing with the French administration?
It’s certainly not easy, especially if you don’t speak the language and it can be particularly tricky if you’re arranging fireworks, booking casinos or chartering yachts. But don’t worry; we’ll deal with all the administrative and legal details.

We’re a non-French company. Are we obliged to pay tax?
Yes. If your event takes place on French or Monegasque territory, French Sales Tax (TVA) is automatically added to all invoices without exception. There are ways of claiming this back, but you need to open and account with the French tax authorities, and it can take several years before you’re refunded. On the other hand, TVA is not charged on French artists that perform abroad.

Why are artists so expensive in France, compared to the UK?
All French artists have a special status, and are registered with a specific social security system. Employers of artists are obliged to have a special license and need to assure that all social security payments are made, as well as taxes, insurances and other obligations. It’s a complicated and time-consuming administrative procedure that almost doubles the actual wage paid to the artist. Vive la France.

Our events in Monaco, so the French tax system doesn’t apply to us!
France and Monaco have a mutual agreement so taxes and social security charges are the same in both countries for everyone not resident in Monaco.

Can I pay in sterling (or any other currency)?
Of course, you can pay in whatever money you choose. However, it’s the amount that is credited to our bank account in euros that will be taken into consideration. Carefully check the procedures in your country and with your bank to determine the best option, as there may be poor exchange rates or hefty bank charges added.

Do you accept credit cards?
No. The best way to send money is with an international bank transfer (or pay by French cheque).

Is there a discount for cash?
Nice try, but we will still have to pay French taxes and charges. We prefer to make sure that you are legally fully covered and protected in case of any incidents. Nevertheless, we will always do our best to give you the best price and maximum value for your budget.

Can I have your bank details?
Bank code: 30004 (BNP Paribas), Agency: 02037 (Sophia Antipolis)
Account: 00025050347 (Riviera Organisation), RIB: 54
Our international sort code (IBAN) is FR76 3000 4020 3700 0250 5034 754.
Our swift code is BNPAFRPPCAN.

How do you calculate your fees?
As a general rule, our fees are calculated based on the number of hours we anticipate spending on a project and whatever costs we have. When it is impossible to judge this, we will estimate this as a percentage of the services we are responsible for. (Usually, we manage to cover our fees with savings made by negotiating with suppliers on your behalf).

How do we confirm a booking?
You can make a reservation by sending a written request or returning a signed order form. However, the reservation is not confirmed until we receive a 50% deposit in our bank account.

Do we lose our money if we cancel?
You will lose your deposit, as we will have to pay cancellation fees to our suppliers. If you have paid the full amount, we will refund 50% if the cancellation is made in writing more than 7 days before the event. For less than 7 days, it depends on the circumstances but no refund will be made for cancellations less than 24 hours before the event. This includes cancellations due to the weather.

We don’t know you, so how can we trust you?
Bear in mind that we’ve been around since 1992, when so many other event companies here come and go. 90% of our business is repeat clients or word of mouth. And we’re English … and on your wavelength.

I don’t need an events company. I just need help with one or two local suppliers?
We’re here to make your work easier. We have a range of services depending on how involved you want us to be. Think of us more as a strategic partner rather than a supplier.

How come you’re so strong in entertainment?
Riviera Organisation grew from Riviera Entertainments, so this has always been our speciality. We have spent years researching and filtering through local entertainment with a view to providing solutions that would be excellent anywhere in the world.

Are you an entertainment agency?
No, but we are very well connected in the entertainment industry. We’re more focused on developing entertainment programmes with specific projects and objectives in mind. This being said, we are an authorised agent for a handful of world-class acts.

So what can you do that’s original?
We are constantly looking for new ideas. We have recently created a concept that regroups the riviera's finest musicians. Our most popular act recently is Viva, which is in demand all over the world.

You’re exactly what I need. How can I contact you?
I was waiting for you to ask. Just send us an e-mail or call 00 33 422 13 60 60 We’ll be delighted to help.