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Glitz & Glamour

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The French Riviera is known for it’s glitzy and glamourous parties. Guests will get a real taste of the jet-set lifestyle as they are treated like celebrities while they taste the good-life first-hand.

VIP Welcome

Straight away, guests will be thrust into the limelight … and the mood of the party, as they will walk along a red carpet and receive the same welcome as would the world’s top celebrities.

A troop of 4 paparazzi will battle for their attention and greet them with camera flashlights. As soon as they have passed through the paparazzi, they will be asked to have an official photo taken in front of Hollywood style photocall. They will then follow the red carpet to their first glass of champagne.

Glamorous Cover Shoot

Have you ever wondered what your face would look like on the front page of a glamorous lifestyle magazine?

Using the latest computer technology guests faces will be inserted seamlessly onto a famous magazine cover. The photo would be printed instantly and presented in a souvenir folder within minutes.

To parody some famous magazine, we could create our own covers with references to your company or the event.

The concept is based on the “Fantasy Photo” technology which is a twist on the popular photo booth concept. The booth would be open for the entire evening.

Showbiz TV Bulletin

Just like the most famous celebrity parties, there would be a glamorous TV presenter randomly interviewing guests for a fictitious Showbiz TV channel.

Interviews would be brief and unobtrusive as the presenter aims to get an insight into how they are enjoying their celebrity status and the effort it took to get where they are.

Overnight, the interviews would be edited down to a 2 minute showbiz news bulletin, voiced by a professional radio presenter.

It would be available on YouTube the following morning or on a specially created Facebook page. The party would be the talk of the town.

Celebrity Quiz

Our in-house celebrity Richard Lee will host the evening and oversee the background music programme.

At various stages of the evening, he will challenge guests with questions focussed on the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera and celebrity culture in general.

For each correct answer, guests will win one (or several) fake casino tokens for their team. The table with the most tokens at the end of the evening will win a special prize.

Beware … this is no ordinary quiz! The emphasis is on interaction and entertainment and guests may be tempted to show off their hidden talents!

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