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Paris Seduction

From one of the world’s most romantic cities, we bring all the elegance, glamour, grace and intrigue of it’s most famous nightspots.

Here is an artistic, musical and visual show that will live on in the memories of the guests well after the initial excitement dies down. For this special night, we invite your guests to enjoy their own private cabaret, full of beauty and sophistication. Welcome to “Parisian Seduction, a show that features some of London’s finest dancers - as the world-famous Crazy Horse meets the notorious Moulin Rouge ...

Enchanté - An Elegant Entrance

Live vocals and violin blend beautifully to bring jazz & classical ballads, creating the perfect atmosphere as guests arrive. The French theme can be developed with music from famous movies, such as “Amelie Poulain” and the sounds of established nightclubs such as Paris Dernière or Hotel Costes. The soundtrack will feature a mix of France’s most famous singers including Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg and Charles Aznavour, while the costumes will be traditional yet fashionably burlesque.

The Golden Age Of Paris

The audience is invited to enjoy the thrills of this great cabaret experience, typical of the Paris tradition!!! The first journey revisits a classic period in Paris’s illustrious history. Two dancers will create a cabaret experience that is sophisticated and elegant, full of charm and sensuality in the best possible taste.

Visual artists will add a touch of elegant yet sensual mystique.

Sophisticated Paris!

The second set highlights the Paris of today.

Cool DJ's playing to the jet set, while glamourous sophisticated dancers seduce the late night party-goers. The soundtrack features re-mixes from the most famous Parisian nightspots such as Hotel Costes, La Mezzanine and the Buddha Bar.

This will give the event an elegant contemporary feel, just like the famous Crazy Horse nightspot. For this set, there will be 3 or 4 dancers. The costumes will be trendy, tasteful and sexy, showcasing the best in Parisian fashion.

Paris After Dark

Here is a more uptempo dance set, that showcases the sound of Parisian parties of the present day.

With the rise of superstar French DJ's such as David Guetta and Bob Sinclar, Paris has re-positioned itself as the centre of contemporary club music with it's own distinct style. These are the sounds that get people dancing all over the world. The costumes would be contemporary and eye-catching.

Moulin Rouge

The show climaxes with a visit to the most famous nightclub of all, and it's notorious ladies of the night.

All dancers will perform a breathtaking show that starts with cutting edge music from the recent Moulin Rouge film. The set ends with a rocking electric version of the Can Can that will defy guests to stay in their seats.

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