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Create Your Masterpiece

Plan Your Event

Create Your Masterpiece

Imagine that you have a blank canvass in front of you. Everything is possible. There are no limits to your horizon. What will your masterpiece be ?


The first stage is to define your frame. What type of event do you want to create, and, realistically, what do you need to make it happen ?


At this stage, it's important to establish the type of venue, the number of guests and the purpose of the event.  You will be thinking about themes, the overall ambiance and how you want to make people feel.


You may be thinking about things you have seen at other events, but remember our first golden rule:


Golden Rule: Every event is different. There's no point trying to copy anything you've seen before. It's your event and it will be inspired by your ideas, your personality, your objectives and your vision.

Now is a good time to make contact with your event partner. This is when we establish the potential for your event and what contribution we can make. We can help focus your project and prepare a provisional budget. The first session is completely free and you are sure to gain some valuable advice about your event and the region.

There is a wealth of advice on this very site, and plenty more on our Riviera Life - Events Magazine. Let us guide you through the essential processes of designing an event, booking entertainment, and making sure you have the best adapted technical support.


Finally, we are sure you will be inspired by tried and tested event scenarios and the real life event stories told by people just like you. People whose lives have been enriched from the sheer exhilaration that successful events can bring.


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