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Photo Credits


Our events have been blessed with the most amazing photographers, and we are delighted to showcase their work on this website.

It's so important to get a great photographer for each and every event. A great photographer does not just take pictures but captures a moment in time and helps  the event become eternal.

We are always happy to make recommendations on which photographer would be best suited for your event and we're happy to send you their contact details and put you in touch. Please contact one of our local event experts for details.

We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to the following photographers:

These are the best photographers based on the French Riviera:

Alban Pichon

Amir Asafi

Ed Wright

Guillaume Serfaty

Helena Ahonen

Jean-Christophe Amusan

Loic Bisoli

Manuel Meszarovits

Marta Szczesniak

Pat Denton

Philippe Groswald

Phil Hill

Rebecca Marshall

Rowan Smith

Sophie Boulet

Some amazing photographers from further afield:

Greg Finck

Holly Clark

Raquel Benito

Muse Productions

We can also recommend the following videographers:


Chromata Films



HA Production

Visual Sequence

On this site, we have also used some stock photos from Getty Images, iStock, BigStock, Shutterstock, Canvas and Adobe.

And last, but not least thank you Agnieszka from COMDZ for all the lovely illustrations that make our world so magical.

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