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Our Story

Spreading Joy Through Events

Welcome to our world: a place of joy, endless sunshine, stunning venues, fascinating people, haute cuisine, fine wines, spell-bounding fragrances, enthralling entertainment and enchanting events.

Welcome to Riviera Organisation: your partner for exceptional ideas, invaluable advice, spirited teamwork, and beautifully crafted events.


In our world, events are built on the purest and most beautiful emotions to create memorable experiences and meaningful relationships.

In France we talk about “joie de vivre” and this is our philosophy – spreading joy through events and creating joy in whatever we do. We measure the success of all events not by how much we can bring in, but by how we make people feel.


We focus on the wonder of the setting, the excitement as guests arrive, the thrill of the entertainment, the magic of the design elements and the elation of everyone present.


Our true value is to provide you with an experience far greater than the sum of the parts.

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