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Celebrating 1000 successful events - and counting

Founded by Peter Mackley in 1991, Riviera Organisation is an independently-run business at the core of a large network of professionals. A company small enough for each event to be important, and large enough to be sure of delivering the most outstanding results every time.  Our workforce is made up of multi-lingual experienced professionals from across Europe and beyond. How reassuring is it to know there’s someone who speaks your language and who shares your values?  All our events are built on personal relationships with respected professionals who we have worked with for many years. These are people we can always count on, so nothing is ever left to chance. 

We are blessed to live on the French Riviera all year round and have done for many years. Our unrivalled local knowledge means we can source those hidden gems that you just can’t find on Google.  We insist on quality all the way through. We provide the latest technology and stylish equipment throughout and we never stop looking and learning to bring the finest talent in the region and beyond. Over the years, we have contributed to the success of over 1000 events. Today, we use our wealth of experience to anticipate the minutest detail and to continue to innovate to keep achieving the best possible results. 

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