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Updated: Jan 11

Imagine a more virtuous event industry promoting eco-friendly events ...
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From crisis comes opportunity

The suspension of events during the current pandemic may just be the spark to transform the way events are planned in the future.

No one could have imagined the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on health or the economy, but, for us at Riviera Organisation, it’s given us all an opportunity to challenge what really is a necessity and to reflect on how we can do things better. As event professionals, we can act together to make a difference and, moving forward, we have a duty do things differently.

The good news is that it’s not as daunting as we’d think. Revolutions start with a whisper, so right now, we just need to change our mindset and begin the journey. As the event industry moves into the next stage of its post Covid-19 development, now is the perfect time to make a fresh start.

There are many ways that our approach to planning events can make a real difference. By encouraging those around us to do the same, collectively we have the potential to make the world a better, safer, healthier and brighter place. It’s about time!

Reduce transport – Are all the journeys really necessary?

Reduce transport

The single biggest carbon footprint from events comes from transport, so here is where we can all make the most important difference. Cutting out unnecessary journeys, optimising deliveries, staff car-sharing and using electric vehicles can reduce up to 80% of an event’s carbon footprint. ( )

The paradox of events on the French Riviera is that, by its very nature, people travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of kilometres to be here. All the more reason to be conscious of our carbon footprint and engage with reputable airlines or register with a recognised carbon offset project. Covering our carbon footprint is a minimum requirement. At the very least we should leave the planet in the same state as when we found it.


Yet, there are still many opportunities to cut out unnecessary journeys. Using local options for entertainment, production, catering and flowers means less flights, less lorries crossing the country, less refrigerated vans. It will also mean a more local and seasonal flavour to your event.

Saving energy – a fresher option

LED lighting bridge

A large part of energy consumption is, of course, linked to transport (see point 1) but there’s also the power consumed during the event itself. LED lighting has successfully challenged traditional lights for quality which means everybody wins. Lower power consumption means lower costs and less pressure on the existing electricity circuits (and so less likely the need to bring in a generator). The bulbs also last longer meaning lower maintenance costs and less waste.

Even, if a generator is needed, there’s now a new generation that can use a different type of fuel. Natural gas is so much cleaner, safer, and quieter that diesel should no longer be considered. All responsible generator suppliers will now, at the very least, offer a hybrid solution.