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Meet Your Dream Team

Imagine if you could configure your events team exactly the way you want it?


Let’s start with a friendly local partner always available on the end of the phone giving you quick, helpful replies whenever you need them. Add, for example, an expert in entertainment or a production manager to complement those already in your team. Everyone speaks English and everyone is on your side. 


If you’re having trouble finding or communicating with a French supplier, we can help. If you need a second opinion on a quote or advice on French administration, we’re there for you too.

Every event is special which is why you’ll have your very own assigned expert to help create your own personalised experience, then checking every detail to make sure you are 100% confident about every choice you make.

Our promise to you

Honest fees with transparent prices and real value 

We'll save you more than the cost of our fees through careful negotiations, and checking there are no unnecessary charges or overlaps.

Information is shared freely with clear choices at every level

We'll suggest different options for different purposes, and you are never restricted by what one company has in stock.

We’re permanently on the Riviera, online and available to help

Travelling hasn’t been easy recently, so we can arrange remote meetings or video walk-throughs and it’s no problem us heading to the venue, on your behalf, to take photos or measurements or to prepare layout plans.

Peace of mind 

During the entire planning process and most importantly, during the event itself.

The nobelest art is that of making others happy

“The noblest art is that of making others happy”

Our Promise To You
Meet Your Dream Team
Our Philosophy

Our way of thinking 

It’s so important to us that our clients, our staff and our partners share our values. Here are a few of our guiding principles that we believe are fundamental to any working relationship.


Events are created by people for people 

Beautiful emotions spread from treating everyone with respect. Everything that we do has a purpose that is measured by how we make people feel.


No time, money or energy should be wasted

We are focused on how the work we do, and the information we share, can add value to each event.


We will always be working in your best interests 

This means sharing your vision, understanding your challenges, helping to solve your problem. We’re there to inform you, to guide you and to enlighten you. 


Honesty and integrity will always win

We believe if something needs to be done it should be done safely, professionally, legally and with a smile.


Every event should leave the world in a better place

Covering our carbon footprint is a minimum requirement not a goal. Using events to benefit the wider community and the world is something to be proud of.

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Our Way Of Thinking
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