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Creative Design

Combining Imagination & Creativity

Some people look for a beautiful place, while others focus on making a place beautiful. You’ll be surprised what can be achieved when we combine your imagination with our creativity.


Sensible use of decorative elements can make a huge difference, and here is our added value – turning ordinary settings into extraordinary events. We take inspiration from your vision to create an experience that is truly unique, and so much greater than the sum of the parts.


Unlike other companies, we do not limit you to just what we have in stock. We have a wide selection of partners in each category, so we are well placed to find exactly what’s right for you.

On our showcase pages, you will see a selection of different styles of flowers, furniture, candles and decorative elements, but these are just a means to an end:


Golden Rule : The true value of any event is judged not by how much can be brought in, but by creating an experience that is far greater than the sum of the parts.

For your event, we will make intelligent recommendations taking into account how we can deliver them in time, how they will add value to the setting and, equally importantly, what we do with them afterwards.

Great events are born from inspired ideas, and built on solid planning with a clear vision.

The world of events is both ephermeral and eternal : short-lived, but everlasting for those who are present.

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