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Technical Services

Sound advice for scintillating events ...

Our role is to make great entertainment exceptional; to make the creative elements look stunning; and to make sure all essential items are seen and heard appropriately.  


How the event looks and sounds can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary! The best entertainment in the world will seem flat on a poorly adapted sound system. The most creative decor will be lost if not lit appropriately.

 A careful analysis of the technical requirements can be the difference that makes the music exciting, the visuals captivating, the speeches resonating and the lighting enchanting!

Through Riviera Organisation, you have access to most complete range of top-quality sound, light and video material in the region! Yet, even the best equipment is only as good as the people behind it. These are the production managers creating the soundtrack and visual landscape, and the on-site technicians who are mastering the equipment, controlling the mood and optimising the overall experience according to the dynamics of the event.

Golden Rule: The event is only as good as its technical platform, and the equipment is only as good as the people using it. Investing in production costs and crew will add value to the setting, the entertainment and the overall event experience. 

With the help of a little magic (video mapping) your venue is brought to life, taking on a personality of its own. The façade becomes a blank canvass for the most striking imagery: a kaleidoscope of colours; a masterful work of art; and music so beautiful and powerful that it touches the soul.

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