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  • A Friendly Exchange

    This is an opportunity for a friendly chat to discuss your event on the French Riviera by phone or by video call. Ask us about general event services, venues, entertainment or technical support. We can also give recommendations for specialist event services like wedding planning, caterers or florists. florists. For us, it's an opportunity to understand your vision and ideas and to see how we can potentially help. Book online here, or ask one of our experts to call you back. It's free of charge - and there's no obligation. Calls can be in English or French

  • Production Services

    This is a detailed discussion to establish a clear technical brief, so that we can start working on accurate quotes and plans. This will include an analysis of what equipment is needed for your event, taking into account the venue and the entertainment programme. We'll also look into the crew requirements and transport logistics. This is an initial 1 hour evaluation which will be followed up by a provisional budget estimate, based on the information we have to hand. We may need to plan in a site visit before confirming the prices.

  • Let's Talk Entertainment

    What sort of entertainment is available locally? Can we have loud music at our preferred venue? Who are the best bands to kickstart the party? Here's an opportunity to put together the perfect entertainment programme for your event on the French Riviera. Each conversation is followed up by a personalised quote with detailed prices and video links.

  • Sound Advice

    Going through the technical details can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Talking to one of our technical experts will give you a clear indication of what resources are available on he French Riviera and what would be needed to make your event shine.

  • Entertainment Brainstorm

    This is the best starting point for any entertainment project on the French Riviera or beyond. Our experts have an exceptional knowledge of the very best local options, plus an extensive international network, meaning we can recommend the very best options in different price brackets. Talk to us as well about creating bespoke entertainment programmes, unique scenarios or theming. Each conversation will be followed up with a detailed quote with personal recommendations, photos and videos. The initial fee is for a one hour session to evaluate your project. It can easily be upgraded to any of our full event services.

  • Event Consultation

    This is the best way to kick-start the preparations for your event on the French Riviera. Talking to Peter will be the first step to putting the full potential of the French Riviera within your grasp. Peter has built up an enormous network of personal relationships to cover all aspects of event planning. If we can't help you directly, we're sure to be able to put you in touch with someone who can. Ask for his thoughts on venues, ideas for entertainment or recommendations for specialist event professionals like wedding planners, caterers or florists. Discuss your vision to get an indication of how feasible your project is in this region. The initial fee is for a one hour session to evaluate your project. It can easily be upgraded to any of our full event services.

  • Face-To Face Call

    Have a casual chat about your event with one of our experts. It's free, there's no obligation and you're sure to pick up some useful tips.

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