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5 Steps To Creating Your Event Masterpiece

From imagination to reality

1 Discovery

It all starts with an exchange of ideas and information. Here’s where your imagination meets our experience. This is when we establish the potential for your event and what contribution we can make. This can be arranged over the phone, on-site at the venue, or why not visit us at our Events Centre between Nice and Cannes?

2 Design

This is the exciting part as we start putting everything together, and the whole event experience starts taking shape. It’s also where we evaluate the budgets and prepare a detailed proposal according to what’s important to you.

3 Details

Here’s where we get to the nitty-gritty, fine-tuning all the details to make the event perfect for you. It’s when we put together the event team, and prepare the layout plans, the entertainment programme and the running order.

4 Logistics

A successful event relies on successful logistics. This is where we take over to leave nothing to chance. We check, double-check and triple check equipment lists, delivery schedules, artists’ brief and finalise the detailed event brief, which defines the order of tasks and activities that happen on the day.

5 The Event

Relax and enjoy the occasion, knowing everything and everyone is in good hands. Our team on-site adapts according to the dynamics and the mood on the night. You can spend time with your guests, enjoying the joy your event brings to the fullest.

Contact us for a free 30-minute consultancy session, and let’s start turning your vision into reality.

Remember, anything is possible and it’s easier than you think!

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