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Meet Our Event Superstars

Peter - Senior Project Manager

Escaped the UK for a 3 month summer job in Antibes, and he’s still here over 30 years later. Almost sacked as a radio presenter for playing Cliff Richard in public but redeemed himself by allegedly reciting every single UK number one hit in chronological order. As a DJ, he spent hours observing the dynamics of events and the strange ways that people react to music and entertainment. He is an ardent supporter of Watford FC which is ten times more nerve wracking than even the most demanding event.

Caroline - Managing Director

Fully trained for the most difficult situations through a career involving wild elephants, savage wolves, teenage daughters and penguins. Guaranteed to be a success at whatever she puts her mind to, she is now the spirit behind all our events making sure they all have a conscience built on goodwill and good values with a responsibility that stretches far beyond the events themselves. In her free time, she plants flowers with a mission to improve the fragrances of the luxury perfume industry. She is also singlehandedly saving the world for the third time.

Karolina - Project Manager

Born in Germany to Polish parents then raised in Canada and now living is a France, rumour has it she can do simultaneous translations in 123 languages faster than Google. She is Riviera Organisation's living hard drive with instant recall of anything that has ever been published or even spoken of in the events industry. She prides herself in having quotes ready even before the clients have thought about contacting us

Anthony - Project Manager

Back in 2020 after a self-imposed 4 year hiatus in French Caledonia. He sensibly worked out that the best antidote to his high intensity start to his events career was to spend valuable time playing beach volleyball and swimming with turtles. He now plans to make up for lost time working an eight day week.

Serge - Technical Manager

If ever Mr Grumpy had an illicit affair with Einstein’s offspring, you be left with a lovable species affectionately known as nounours (teddy bear). Nounours are commonly seen tinkering with old machines, soldering cables to create a revolutionary gizmo that no one can see any use for until the day of the event when it single-handedly saves the day with technical wizardry that defies science.

Richard - Entertainment Manager

Our entertainment consultant is from the family behind the world’s first global DJ superstar, responsible for 3 UK number one hits and an international million-seller. Not bad for a cartoon rabbit. He is the creative energy and charisma behind so many events, with enough ideas to fill the Royal Albert Hall. He loves designing themed events as it gives him the perfect opportunity to put on an outrageous costume.

Jo - Technical Manager

Born into a family of event professionals, he joined the Riviera Organisation team in 2020 without a clue what he was letting himself in for. His mission is to make sure all our events are set-up tidily, on-time and to our high standards, which he still finds more relaxing than staying at home with a baby. His secret to staying calm on-site is to take out all his frustration on the rugby pitch.

Honorary mention

Mark - Co-Founder

While everyone else was thinking of breaking into local bars, he was plotting global domination. He identified the potential and set out the long-term vision for the company. He left the company before reaching his goals in a brave attempt to become the next Terry Wogan. He has since reinvented marketing in both radio advertising and superyacht sales.

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