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The Golden Age of Cinema

This event conjures up all the excitement from the world of the movies, mixes in the chic, glamour and sophistication of the French Riviera.

Guests are immediately transformed to the magical world of the cinema as soon as they step into the venue. The mood is set with a wide range of memorabilia and accessories, including a film carpet, oscar statues, and giant posters.

They will be welcomed by some of the movie world’s biggest icons.

For example, they could be serenaded by Elvis, charmed by Marilyn Monroe, or Charlie Chaplin could leave them with a souvenir caricature sketch.

The MC will set the scene putting the theme into context, adding some fun trivia about movies on the French Riviera and challenging guests with spontaneous quiz questions to encourage audience participation.

Singers can serenade them with the world of cinema's most famous songs from legendary films like The Sound of Music, Jungle Book and Wizard of Oz.

During the welcome drinks, they can have their photo taken ... and through the magic of computer technology they will be placed in a famous cinema scene or next to a well-known film star. The photo will be handed out in a special presentation folder as a souvenir

As an alternative, a larger than life cinema themed photo booth can be created with accessories from famous films.

The opportunity for musical attractions is endless:

  • Marilyn Monroe performing a famous sketch of singing "Happy Birthday" to the company president or VIP guest;

  • Charlie Chaplin performing a sketch from one of his most famous films;

  • A surprise visit from Elvis as he serenades guests on his way to the stage;

  • A Fred Astaire style tap dance show or Moulin Rouge can can

Our personal favourite is the incredible movie-medley challenge from the world's only "genetically-modified string quartet. There are over 40 references to movies in this video. How many can you identify?

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