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A Midsummer's Night Dream

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Here is a show that takes inspiration from Shakespeare’s unparalleled tale of love, beauty and fantasy.

Beautiful stiltwalker fairies set the scene with long flowing dresses and floral crowns. Music fills the air courtesy of our “merry wanderers of the night”.

The whole evening will be created especially for you and will include charismatic singers, colourful dancers and stunning visual performances.

The entertainment will highlight the theme of love and friendship, remaining fast-paced and dynamic while always staying classy and sophisticated.

The visual shows will be elegant and romantic, while being a wonderful expression of the beauty and power of the human body.

The event is hosted by a costumed MC who puts the theme into context of the venue and the occasion. Later, he reveals himself to be the most incredible tenor singer, accompanied by 4 soprano fairies.

As the sun starts setting, the magic of the night comes alive. The stunning setting is gently enhanced by natural lighting with tea lights and tall candelabras entwined with floral elegance.

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