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Arabian Nights

In the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of the Saudi bride gasping in delight. She’d never seen anything like it - and, quite frankly, neither had we.

The guests were blown away, and it was the main talking point of a multi-million-dollar event in Marrakesh where we had brought in world-class entertainment from 7 different countries including a singer from Senegal, a DJ from Mykonos, a belly dancer from Egypt, and live bands from Bahrain and London.

However, the most surreal moment came from the most unlikely of sources and the most inspired of ideas. Anyone who saw it will remember that moment forever. It set the scene for a week-end packed with festivities.

The stars of the show were rather bizarrely, some Whirling Dervish dancers we had flown in especially from Istanbul welcoming in a dancing Arabian horse from Morocco. The deeply religious spiritual dancers and the horse twirled away gracefully in a symphony of beauty and wonder creating an emotionally charged electric ambiance unlike no other.

This is just one of so many spectacular moments in the world of live events. Our purpose is not just to create exceptional event experiences, but also to facilitate those spontaneous moments that will last a lifetime. The result was a show that has never been seen before and will probably never be seen again.

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