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The Secret Garden

As we wondered through the enchanted garden, full of mystery, intrigue and seductive elegance … could this really be the same venue where we enjoyed our VIP dinner just 24 hours earlier? The transformation is incredible!

With an army of staff working overnight, the forest framework is put in place, then the furniture and accessories are added as if it’s a work of art. Finally, the lighting is fine-tuned to make everything look spectacular.

For one night only, the guests are treated to stunning violinists in masquerade costumes, a harlequin playing a symphony on wine glasses, LED butterfly dancers floating elegantly around the garden and breathtaking visual acrobatic performances.

Then the following morning, everything was gone. 8 months planning, 18 hours building for a 6-hour party.

The world of events is both ephemeral and eternal. Short-lived but everlasting for those who were present.

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