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The Flying Moon

Updated: May 6, 2020

Imagine a warm summer’s evening in the gardens of the region’s most spectacular venue. The murmur of conversation is rising just above the sound of the singer who’s reminding us that the living is easy and inviting us to fly to the moon. No-one in their wildest dreams is expecting the moon to start flying towards us.

Then, out of nowhere, the most extraordinary thing happens! A giant moon rises on the horizon and starts moving towards us accompanied by the most dramatic soundtrack. In an instant, the whole audience is captivated.

As the balloon flies nearer, the lighting changes, bringing to life an aerial performer moving effortlessly beneath. It’s a fusion of acrobatics and elegance, and it’s all happening right above everyone’s head.

What is she holding in her hand? It all becomes clearer as the wedding cake is rolled out and the bride and groom get ready for the ceremonious cutting.

As the moon graciously descends, the acrobat reaches out to offer the bride and groom a sword to cut the cake. And then she is gone, blowing a kiss then sailing off to an everlasting place in everyone’s memory.

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