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Rock My Yacht

When the phone rings at 2am in the morning, it’s either a problem or an opportunity. Fearing the worst, I took the call and that was the end of my night’s sleep and the start of a whirlwind 24 hours.

One of our best clients wanted to host a party on-board a yacht later that same day... in Majorca.

My first thought was to say it was impossible which of course it seemed at the time, but this is not a client to say no to, and in our line of business our job is to deliver the impossible.

The client wanted a live band, dancers and a theme. The first challenge was to collect together the people to make the party... in the middle of the night.

We brought in live performers who had been working with us the night before and went for

a Gatsby theme with pre-choreographed sets plus an improvisation to the client’s favourite song. By 4am, the team was in place and thanks to the wonders of the internet and our skilled back office team, the travel arrangements were made within an hour, even if we were flying from 3 different cities and had to take a long winded route to be sure of connecting to Palma de Majorca in time.

In the morning, there was the small matter of all the audio-visual material. Fortunately, we had an established contact with a local yacht management company, and we knew exactly what material was needed on this yacht. We also managed to source some decorative elements to complement the theme.

Miraculously, everything was ready in time, but as I was waiting for the guests to arrive,

I couldn’t help wondering who in their right mind would want to put together a party at such short notice?

It turned out that there were only 2 guests attending this party: the yacht owner and the lady he was about to propose to.

Thankfully she said yes, which cued enormous celebrations and tears of joy (and relief) all round.

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