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The Unwelcome Duet

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The house singer in the Monaco bar was going through the motions - no doubt singing the same songs she does every single night. Little did she know she was just moments away from the highlight of her singing career.

We had organised a celebrity fancy dress party. In one room were some of the most famous voices in the music industry but all heavily disguised and unrecognizable in outrageous 70’s gear.

The singer looked mildly annoyed as she sang the opening lines to Stand By Me. One of the guests was helping himself to a cordless microphone and preparing for an unscheduled and unwelcome duet.

The expressions on the singers face were a joy to watch - doesn’t this crazy guest sound a little like ... surely it can’t be god it is him!!!

... and there she was singing a spontaneous duet with none other than Bono, one of the most famous singers of her generation.

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