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Visual Shows

These are the visual shows that add depth to the event with astonishing performances that are bound to generate strong emotional connections.

You can navigate between different videos using the menu on the top left corner of the video.

These are ideal as a main attraction after the main course.

For excellent value for money, we propose a versatile trio of performers who can offer a number of different styles of visual entertainment for the same event:

  • To welcome guests on stilts with sound effects and pyrotechnics;

  • To perform close-up entertainment during the cocktail and dinner to include juggling, magic and pixel-poi;

  • Later they can perform any number of stage shows, including fire shows, laser manipulation, mind reading, balancing acts or even knife-throwing.

Our personal favourite is the Fantasy Circus, which is a unique act involving an acrobat performing on a pole held by two stilt walkers.

Here's 5 incredible visual shows that we've seen work wonders at our events:

  1. Acrobatic Duos;

  2. Speed Painter;

  3. Grand Illusion Magic Show;

  4. Shadow Dancers;

  5. Heliosphere

For more entertainment ideas, please visit our main entertainment showcase or jump to the next page for more ideas for a wow factor.

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