Casino Royale

Monte Carlo is famous as Europe's gambling capital, and the French Riviera is the setting of numerous Bond themes. Our Casino Royale offers a your own private casino - James Bond style but with an usual twist.

Even the most reluctant gamblers will find it hard to resist the charm of these friendly professional croupiers who will guide you through games of poker, black-jack and roulette, in the most relaxed and friendly way.

Using full-sized tables, and professional English-speaking croupiers, guests will risk their precious tokens as if it was their own money.

Music would be provided by our very own Bond Singers performing a sassy tribute to the iconic songs from famous Bond movies, including Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever and Skyfall.

Later, all 4 singers will accompany the DJ to kickstart the dancing with a mixture of contemporary dance hits and well-known party anthems.

Our Bond magician will provide his own twist on close-up entertainment with some optical illusions and mind-reading mind-reading the would impress James Bond himself.

France is one of the world’s most-famous wine producing regions, but while most people drink wine regularly, how often do you get a chance to really savour the taste and learn about what you are drinking?