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Why work with an event professional?

How important is it to be in contact with native English-speakers with an international approach to organising events – meaning quick replies, helpful advice, detailed quotes, and your own personal event manager to accompany you through the entire planning process?

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a knowledge of all the resources on the French Riviera, including its venues and professionals covering the whole spectrum of events?

Wouldn’t you like to explore all the options available to you in different price brackets, rather than to be restricted to what specialist companies have in stock?

Do you see the value in making sure that all elements fit together perfectly, and that there is no piece missing? The researching, analysing and communicating in advance is paramount to the success of any event.

During the event, who will be responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly?

Someone needs to take on this role and surely you don’t want to have to worry about this during the event itself. Who will check that everyone is fully-briefed, co-ordinate with the entire event team and make sure that all the elements fit together perfectly?

You may think you can save money by contacting individual artists and suppliers direct, but this is often a false economy. A professional event planner can save you more than their fees through careful negotiation with suppliers, and checking that there are no unnecessary costs or overlaps. You’ll be surprised how much money is saved on this alone. Let your event planner work out the best possible price and explain to you the value of each additional euro. You will be reassured knowing that you can make decisions with an overview of the full budget plan, anticipating every detail and every cost.

Working with Riviera Organisation means having your own personal on-site specialist. We become a strategic partner who’s part of your team sharing your motivations, challenges and goals. We are confident we offer an unrivalled quality of service, peace of mind during the event and excellent value for money. We are your local experts embracing the French Riviera and all the potential it has to offer your event. We are your added value that is greater than the sum of the parts. We are the spirit behind hundreds of successful events, creating joy, goodwill and exceptional experiences.

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