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An Intergalactic Experience

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

“You can’t do it unless you imagine it.”

George Lucas

A long time ago in a principality not so far away, the dark forces from the Galactic Empire rose to invade the Monaco Grand Prix.

Our client, Lucasfilm, had struck a sponsorship deal with the newly-formed Red Bull Racing Team and our challenge was to make it memorable.

Anyone who saw that race will never forget the Stormtroopers changing tires in the pitlanes, Darth Vader in the paddocks, and even Chewbacca made an appearance on the podium.

It was the climax to the series of high-profile events with Lucasfilm to mark the launch of the latest Star Wars movie in Europe.

“I wanted to convey my sincerest thanks and gratitude for the superb job you performed on our Star Wars – Episode III events … You should definitely take pride in knowing your efforts went a long way … which I’m convinced was a big factor in our success across Europe.”

Sean McGinn, Lucasfilm

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