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Fit For A Prince

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

In fairy tales, the princes always seem to get the happy ending, but let there be no doubt, this was a hard earned victory of which Prince Albert was particularly proud.

The stakes were high, but even after 20 grueling questions and numerous spontaneous challenges, the two top teams were still gridlocked with nothing separating them. It came down to a sudden death tie-break, even more nerve-wracking than a World Cup penalty shoot-out. Still nothing could separate the top two teams which included royalty, billionaires, global business owners and sports superstars.

The final challenge resulted in the most unlikely spontaneous concert that anyone present had ever witnessed. We decided the winner was going to be decided by a sing-off with each team captain selecting a song of their choice. His serene highness was taking no chances, and up he stepped to perform the most heart-warming and pitch-perfect rendition of Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”.

The rapturous applause meant the final result was in no doubt. The prince’s team were worthy champions. Even though the regal responsibilities increase every year and more so with mariage and children, Prince Albert has always found space in his diary for the legendary quiz nite and has always been a fierce competitor.

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